Operator Channel Partner

 Du is our Operator Channel Partner. 

iCell is also an extension of DU Telecom wing which have gained a remarkable trust in the market through promoting the products of DU.

In 2016 March, we started with 10 members as a DU channel partner. The experienced and excellent team was trained further to bring the all business mind together. Now our team is grown with 18 members who are stronger in the market in promoting the DU products.

Our greatest achievement during the year of 2016 is that we were able complete the target for Q3 &Q4 set by DU. And this achievement has bought more fame and trust worthy partner of DU in the market.

Now we are pioneers of promoting DU products. We have also received Management awards for the team members excellent participation towards business.

Management awards are also extended for the phenomenal participation of the team members towards the Business.

 And now we are a pioneers in promoting DU Enterprise Products.

Today, iCell Telecom continues to grow with the trust of its clients & DU in the way we present the tailor made products to the clients.